Online Progressive Jackpots Offer Chances to Win Big

If you were to ask any one slots lover what they enjoy the most about the pokies, they're likely going to tell you that they love the thrill and excitement of trying to hit the massive progressive jackpots. There's no denying that it's a long shot, and this is especially true for the Canadian jackpots that have been known to climb into the millions of dollars, but that doesn't take the thrill out of the possibility. Learning about the prizes available at various online venues - and how you can win them - might just help you increase your chances of leaving your seat as a millionaire!

These prizes aren't provided by any one casino, but rather they accumulate over an entire network as people place wagers. The pool climbs and climbs until a lucky person is able to make it go off. There are a couple of different ways in which this can occur, as well. Most of the time (and all of the time with the truly massive pools), you'll need to bet the maximum on each spin in order to qualify. In other cases, and generally only for the smaller prizes, you could win at any time no matter how large or small your wager is. Finally, there are tiered machines that will pay out a certain percentage of these progressive jackpots based upon the size of your wager. For instance, while a penny bet might bring in $1000, a $100 wager might score you $100,000 or more.

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In most cases, there really isn't any way for you to be able to tell whether or not a certain machine is about to go off because the prize pool is the same across all of the games bearing the same title, and there may be literally hundreds in land-based and internet venues worldwide. This is all determined by a piece of software known as a random number generator, and it's all about luck. The person who manages to click 'spin' at the precise moment when the RNG determines the winner will take home the cash, regardless of how long someone else may have spent playing or how much he or she has invested. Platinum Play casino offers plenty of machines that can potentially change your life forever!