Where is the Best Place to Play Poker Games Online?

People all over Canada love to play poker games of all types, whether these are traditional draw, stud, video or even Holdem games. As such, PokerTime has worked hard to provide the perfect establishment. While there are certainly plenty of competitors out there, none of them can compete with this venue when it comes to fair play, industry standards in integrity, and fabulous customer service. This moderately-sized site has been around for several years and makes use of Microgaming's world-renowned software platform to make the experience flawless, fun and without glitches. They have put lots of protocols into place in order to provide ample protection to their customers, but some have noted that it seems difficult to navigate through them all.

There are plenty of promotions on offer here although their welcome bonus isn't quite as large as that offered by some of their competitors. Aside from the welcome offer and the regular promotions, they also provide the Three Rake Races option which gives users an opportunity to receive their part of a $200,000 community pool. Essentially, competitors are pitted against others with like skills to try to earn their part of the prize! There are a total of 400 paid positions: the first 200 in the gold level and the first 100 in both the silver and bronze levels. There is also the Sit-n-Go Rush promo, a Refer-a-Friend reward, and even what is known as a Bad Beat Jackpot! With this, users who are eliminated from tournaments through sheer bad luck have a chance to win a significant prize.

While PokerTime is one of the most popular places to play poker games out there, it isn't for everyone. Sometimes, people want to find their action in a place that is more well-known and features people willing to spend more money. The good news is that, in this case, this establishment is a cousin site to Platinum Play Casino, another establishment that is well known for its excellent draw, stud and Holdem offerings. If one isn't for you, you can simply try the other - there are plenty of free games to try out until you've made your decision.