What Is The Best Canadian Jackpot Site For Huge Prizes?

If you have ever spent any time at a casino, you have probably seen the many signs and advertisements proudly boasting the wealth up for grabs in the form of slot machine jackpots. Online players all over the world pool their wagers into progressive jackpots, hoping that they will be the next one to scoop up millions. There are a few different types of prize to be won by playing slots - the most common ones are coins, random and progressive. Here are some facts about the differences between these prizes and what you can do to snag one.

Coin jackpots are available on nearly all types of slot game, most often on the classic 3 reel variety. This prize is typically won by landing the main symbol on the winning pay line with a single spin. You can win by wagering a single coin or betting the maximum limit. Randoms are exclusive to sites which run Real Time Gaming software. They are multi-pay line games with bonus rounds that cost anywhere from a penny to $5 per line. The best feature is that any spin can randomly win - it doesn't have to be a winning spin. Progressives are the most sought-after and have the largest monetary prize amounts. They are globally connected between every site running a particular software platform, so thousands of players can potentially ramp up the prize pool before it is won by a lucky participant.

Getting your winnings if you happen to receive one of these awards is a little different than at the cashier system of a land-based casino. If you have not already done so, you may need to fill out a form and fax in some proof of identification. If your prize is large, you may have to receive it in small installments according to the regulations of the fund transfers or the site's maximum weekly payout amounts. Therefore, it can potentially take a while to receive your full prize, but if it's a big one it can certainly be worth it. Platinum Play Casino is the best Canadian jackpot site where you can play for all of these great awards from the comfort of home.